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Информация Президента МОО ЕКПП

Информация Президента МОО ЕКПП

Additionally to the last letter from Mr. Adrian Rhodes.

Mr. A. Rhodes,

you once again refer to the fact that I saw these documents - the Memorandum of Association signed by me, the Charter - approved and registered by unknown structure or persons, the official registration of the Russian National branch of the ECPP in Austria etc.

I repeat once again: I was told many times that these documents exist, and I believed to my colleagues. But I've never seen them. I ask you, please, show me these papers in any forms. But you sent me some certificate from Police Department, which was given 5 years ago for Barbara (I don’t know why and what for?).   

You have a very simple task - to find and to show these documents to everyone. Nothing more!

But, since this task cannot be performed yet, I inform you of my withdrawal from the founders of the ECPP.

Prof. Mikhail Reshetnikov